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Sometimes seeing is believing. The idea of a dock that installs without you having to get in the water is a unique concept. If you're wondering how the V-Dock systems work, you've come to the right place. Check out our boat dock videos below. Everything will make more sense once you've seen our products in action. If you still have questions, just contact our facility at sales@vdock.com. We'll be happy to provide answers, information and recommendations.
From the V-Dock archives, check out our original Roll-In Dock video. It was made in 1990 and still holds true today.
V-Docks Poly Decking Strength
One of the most endearing qualities of the V-Dock system is its durability. This video from 1990 has withstood the test of time, just like our docks do.

Original Roll-In Dock Video (1990)
Roll-In Docks
"Weekend Saver"

Roll your dock in or out of the water in minutes, not days. See how it's done with one of our most popular boat dock assembly videos.

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Spiral Storm Anchors
2013 Design
Some docks may need to have Storm Anchors added to secure them on larger aggressive lakes, or in areas subject to high winds or storms. The number and position of the anchors depends on the length and configuration of the dock.

New for 2012.
V-Dock's Shore Wheel Companion
Our new Shore Wheel Companion tow bar allows you to install or remove a roll-in V-Dock with a vehicle, tractor or 4-wheeler.  The tongue adjusts up to a 10-foot distance, so even if you have a lot of rip rap this will do the job. This product made its debut in 2012, and grows more popular every year.

Vertical Boat Dock Bumpers 

Protect your boat when it drifts into the dock. Our bumpers install easily and prevent damage.

Roll-In Connecting Pin
V-Docks unique quick connecting pin system requires no tools to connect or remove one roll-in dock from another.

Roll-n-Float Docks are the perfect solution for mucky lake bottoms or deep water situations where a Roll-in Dock won't work.

V-Dock Patented Roll-n-Float Docks
"Muck Buster"

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