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4 Types of Benches for
3 Different Locations

Benches made with maintenance-free poly-composite boards. Comes in Off-White or Tan. Seat measures 4′ long, over all length 63″ with the 2 arm rests.
Also includes 2 large cup holders & 1 Scotty” fishing rod holder.
In-Store Pick-up Only

moveable bench tan.tif

4′ Wide Moveable Bench
(moves up & down on the sun deck area in 2′ increments & locks down tight)
In-Store Pick-up Only
$ 425.00 ea.


sidemount bench.4′ Wide Side Mount Bench
Also Comes in 7′ Wide
( for L’s T’s and Slips post Sectional Docks)
In-Store Pick-up Only
$ 425.00 ea.


endmount bench tan 24′ Wide End Mount Bench
Fits on Triple Wide Sundecks
In-Store Pick-up Only
$ 425.00 ea.


7' end mount bench7′ Wide End Mount Bench
Fits on Triple Wide Sundecks Only
In-Store Pick-up Only
$ 625.00 ea.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVertical Hammock SwingThe Vertical Hammock Swing is designed exclusively for V-Dock’s Roll-in-Dock Systems. It comes with the hammock frame and a natural colored chair-style rope hammock. It will hold up to 300 pounds.
In-Store Pick-up OnlyHammock & Stand
$ 395.00 ea.

SAFTEY CLEATSafety Fold Down Cleat
V-Dock’s safety fold-down cleats manually fold down after use. They are easy to install, no drilling required, simply lock in place where ever you need them.$ 34.00 ea.

shorewheels.tifShore Wheel KitThis wheel kit replaces the first two posts at the front of a Roll-in-Dock eliminating any lifting.
The 20″ wheels make installation even easier and stays on permanently
Just push your dock in.
* Use either the Tow Bar or the Shore Wheels
cannot be used simultaneously.
In-Store Pick-up Only
$ 305.00 ea.

Shore Wheel Tow BarV-Dock’s Shore Wheel CompanionOur new Shore Wheel Companion tow bar allows you to install or remove a roll-in V-Dock with a vehicle, tractor or 4-wheeler. The tongue adjusts up to a 10′ distance, so even if you have a lot of rip rap this will do the job.

In-Store Pick-up Only

$ 265.00 ea.


Two Bar for Shore Wheels

Canoe Rack 6 2010canoe rack

Moveable Canoe Rack
Locks in along side the V-Dock edge in 2 foot intervals.
No drilling required.
(kayak not included)
In-Store Pick-up Only

$ 225.00 set

anti sway barAnti-Sway Bar
Helps to stabilize docks in extreme water depths. Can be installed when the dock is in the water without getting wet. 2 different Anti-Sway Bars one for narrow docks and the other for wide docks. (Wide Anti-Sway Bar Shown)$ 95.00 ea.


quick grabber 1 2010quick grabber 2 2010Quick Grabber
Easy to grab handle for Post Sectional and Roll-n-Float Docks$ 125.00 ea.

2013 storm anchor package 2

Spiral Storm Anchors
Some docks may need to have Storm Anchors added to secure them on larger aggressive lakes or areas subject to high winds or storms.
Note: The number and position of the anchors depends on the length and configuration of the dock.

$ 249.00 Starter Set.
(includes 2 Quick Cleata, 2 Spiral Anchors, 12′ of 1/2″ dia rope & 1 handle)
The Handle will do as many Spiral Anchors as you need.

$85.00 Extra Spiral Anchor
With Rope and Quick Cleat

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