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Even the best of plans can sometimes go awry. Despite our quality construction, we know that accidents happen, people make mistakes and sometimes things get lost. That’s why we carry boat dock replacement parts. If someone wasn’t as careful as you hoped they would be, V-Dock has you covered. We have a number of replacement caps and plastic bumpers to keep your dock looking like new. Our boat dock hardware inventory includes hanger brackets, foot pads, lugs and snap rings. We also carry post sectional and floating dock replacement parts. Order yours from V-Dock today. Click here to download our Parts Description & Prices PDF!

V-Dock Swim Ladder Caps
Fits over our 1 7/16″ O.D. swim ladder round posts
Comes as a set of 2


1 58 inch Round Cap
V-Dock Round Post Caps
Fits over an 1 5/8″ O.D. round post

$ 5.00 set

2.5 Square Cap
V-Dock 2 1/2″ Square Caps
Fits over a 2 1/2″ square post for screw drive legs

$6.00 set

2 inch Square Cap
V-Dock 2″ Square Caps
Fits over a 2″ square post for shore wheels

$ 5.00 set

Post Bracket Lug 1-5-2012
V-Dock Post Bracket Lug
Locks into V-Dock post brackets to hold the post into place.
Includes one snap ring

$ 15.50 each

snap ring 1-5-2012
V-Dock Snap Rings
Used to connect to roll in or stationary docks together.
Comes in a set of 2

$ 3.00 set

3' bumper view 5 mod
V-Dock Plastic Replacement Bumper
3′ Bumper pad which mounts to stationary or moveable bumper bracket.
Measures 4 1/2″ wide x 2 1/8″ thick x 36″ long

$ 18.00 each

3' bumper view 4 mod3' bumper view 2 mod

Hangers 1-5-2012
V-Dock Hanger Brackets
Used to hang a section perpendicular to the main dock.
Example “L” or “T” configurations
Comes in a set of 2

$ 72.00 set

26 Inch Dia. Poly Tire 2 26 Inch Dia
V-Dock 26″ Heavy Duty Poly Tire
26″ diameter heavy duty poly tire fit onto 1 5/8″ O.D.pipeLarger tires are great for slightly mucky lake bottoms

$55.00 ea

20 Inch Dia. Poly Tire 20 Inch Dia. Poly Tire 2
V-Dock 20″ Heavy Duty Poly Tire
20″ diameter heavy duty poly tire fit onto 1 5/8″ O.D.pipeSmaller tires are great for shallow water areas

$50.00 each

screw drive wheel assemby handle 1-5-2012
V-Dock Adjustable Handle
Easily adjust the height of the V-Dock Roll-In
Never worry about dropping another wrench in the lake again

$12.00 each

cup holders 1-5-2012
Cup Holders
Cup holders fit into a 3 7/16″ diameter hole
Commonly used for V-Dock arm rests on benches

$7.00 set

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