3 Reasons to Install Stairs for Your Dock

Swimming out in the lake with your family can be a great way to spend a nice sunny day. Now, we all know there are few better ways to get in than jumping in, but what about getting out? Without dock stairs or a ladder, exiting the water can be difficult. Make it easier on yourself by installing a a new set of stairs for your dock.

Stairs help when you’re tired

Despite how fun swimming can be, it can also be very exhausting – after all, it is one of many activities that require using nearly all the muscles in the body to perform. That’s where having stairs or a ladder on the dock would be most beneficial, helping you get out of the water quickly and easily.

They make it easy for you to pull yourself out

StairsPulling yourself out of the water can prove to be difficult at times as well, depending on currents, waves and other conditions. Our ladders come with either four or six rungs, allowing you to choose a deep water or shallow ladder and making it much easier to get back on the dock when you’re done or back in place for another jump in.

You can use them to enter the water, too

Stairs can also be helpful with entering the water as well. If one of your friends or family is a little older or has a bad leg, it probably isn’t a good idea for them to jump into the water. With stairs, they can slowly work their way into the water and not have to worry about hurting themselves or getting in too fast. Our stairs also come with two railings for support as you make your way in or out of the water.

If you are looking to add stairs or ladder to your dock, V-Dock has got you covered. Along with stairs and ladders, we offer a variety of dock accessories to make swimming and boating easier. For more information or to place an order, call us today at 888-888-DOCK!

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Nancy D. Greene

I need your help. The stairs on this page look like I could go swimming and be able to get out of the water. I have a bad leg and need a ladder that is wider and a low rise on the stairs. I hope you can help me. Thank you and the best to you and your company.


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