Screw Drive Legs

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Screw Drive Adjustable Leg and Poly Tires

For V-Dock Roll-In or Roll-Out Docks

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Quick & Easy

Screw Drive Height Adjustment

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  • No dangerous winches to use.
  • Adjusts easily with a removable hand crank. or use a cordless drill to adjust your dock height!
  • Independent legs accommodate uneven ground.
  • Adjustable up to 7 feet of water.
  • All adjustments done from the top of the dock.
  • No need to get in the cold water to install a V-Dock.
  • Standard with all V-Dock Roll-In docks.
  • Maintenance-Free never needs greasing

V-Dock has 5 Sizes of Screw Drive Legs to Accommodate Various Water Depths.

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This will allow the top of the legs to be the same height above the decking making for a uniform appearance,
while giving you the extra height adjustment for deeper water.

(All legs have a 2 1/2 foot adjustable range.)
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Each Screw Drive Leg is Individually Adjustable

V-Docks axles can adjust to uneven bottoms


Unbreakable Tough Poly Tires

  • poly tire 20 11-19-2008 smallTwo sizes of Poly-Tires to choose from…
    • 26-inch diameter tire for soft sand and muck.
    • 20-inch diameter tire for shallow water.
  • Slim-line form allows for easy movement.
  • Tires designed to fill up and drain water.
  • Won’t wobble from side-to-side.
  • Never go flat.
  • Made at V-Dock’s Forest Lake facility.
  • 15-Year Full Warranty.

“Whether rolling in or rolling out, . . when it’s a V-Dock, no dock rolls easier!”