Flexible Connecting Pin

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Quick Connecting Pin Flexible Disconnect Coupling

“A Perfect Union”

No Lifting, No Bolting Sections Together

V-Docks unique quick connecting pin system requires no tools to connect or disconnect one roll-in dock section from another dock section. Transfer the boat dock connector pins to a different position during installation and removal for a smooth roll.

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Free-Floating Position

  • Just transfer the snap pin into the loose position for installation and removal.
  • No need to lift into another position. Just move the pin and the dock slides freely like it’s on a hinge.
  • Allows V-Docks to flex up and down at the joints on steep inclines, up to 40 degrees.
  • Stays securely connected when moving the dock in and out of the water. Sections will not accidentally disconnect.

Locked Position

  • After installation, simply transfer the snap pin to the tight position to close the gap for summertime use.

Quickly Disconnect Sections (Optional)

  • If you have limited storage space, V-Dock sections disconnect easily for stacking.
  • Just remove the snap pin and pull apart each section to disconnect.
V-Dock connecting pins make our roll-in system easy to use. A hassle free install is part of what makes our docks better than docks with the troublesome, traditional installation system. Use our quick connect and quick disconnect for putting in or taking out Roll-In Docks.

Extreme Conditions?  Yeah We Can Do That!

One of our happy customers submitted this photo of a 98 foot long dock with a 12 x 8′ sundeck being pulled up on sharp hill ready for spring!

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