Break-Away Post Brackets

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Patented Break-Away Post Brackets

No more straining your back to lift docks on or off the posts! This feature allows the post to be easily attached or removed. No more struggling to lift the dock off the posts or set it down onto the post. with V-Docks exclusive Break-Away Post Bracket…

  • just loosen the bolt
  • slide out the lug
  • release the post from the side effortlessly !

To Connect Two Sections Together

The Post Bracket Lug can be inserted two ways.  If you are connecting two sections together, you would stick the end with two holes in it towards the next section of dock.  Then plug that tab into the next section of dock.  A snap ring should be inserted on both sides to secure the connection.


For the last section of dock, the lug would go in the opposite way so it won’t interfere with the boats.

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