Fall Clearance Sale – Scratched, Dented & Demo Docks – Ends October 15th

An Additional 7% OFF Scratch & Dent, Demo Docks off our already discounted prices

An Additional 5% OFF Ordering Early and Picking Up in the Fall or Next Spring off our already discounted prices

What This Annual Sale is About

SCRATCH AND DENT:  Is any part we deemed cosmetically less than perfect during the regular season and it was set off to the side.  For example, this year we had a coil of aluminum that had some condensation.  So that water in the coil made a faint white streak on the surface of the aluminum.  Occasionally we have parts with an actual scratch on them or decking that has an imperfection.  In the Fall, we take all those parts and make docks at a great discount for Fall Savings.  All these docks are structurally sound and carry the same 15-year warranty as our regular V-Docks.

DEMO DOCKS:  These are docks that were made in March, this year, and were on display in our yard for the summer.  They have been walked on, rolled around, and rained on, but never in the water.  There is only one of each, so quantities are limited, and we need them out of our yard before the snow flies.  We can’t change the color of the decking, but we can make them longer or change which side the sundeck is on.  We will also put the correct size leg on for the water depth in your lake. They can be delivered, for an additional fee, but we cannot ship them out-of-state because they are already assembled.

REFURBISHED DOCKS:  These docks were owned by another party which may have been damaged by big storms or acts of God.  V-Dock takes these docks back in and thoroughly refurbishes them. Even though the frames may be stained and have slight cosmetic flaws, V-Dock will cover it with a full 15 year structural warranty.

We have many more different sizes to choose from, If you have a particular size in mind give us a call us at 651-464-3902. All of our docks including scratch & dent have a…

– A Full 15 Year Structural Warranty
– Never Need to Pound in Any Posts
– Never Need to Remove Any Decking
– Raise and Lower to Adjust Your Height to Using a Cordless Drill
– Most of All, Never Need to Go into that Freezing Cold Water!

Display #1

Regular Price 16,360.00

Demo Price 12,924.00

Plus tax

(pickup only, free trailer use)

Display #2

Regular Price 12,852.00

Demo Price 9,920.00

Plus tax

(pickup only, free trailer use)

displays accessories are sold separately at 20% off