Aluminum Roll In Docks

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Portable Roll In Boat Dock

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The V-Dock Roll-In Dock is our most popular dock system.  Watch our installation video and you will understand why. Two people install an 86-foot-long portable dock with an 8’ X 16’ Sundeck in 27 seconds. V-Dock’s Poly Tires roll over the heavy Rip Rap with ease. Thanks to our unique V-Beam support and connecting pins, V-Dock’s Roll-In Dock system is known for easy installation, durability, and excellent stability. Simply walk the dock into position or use a vehicle with our Shore Wheel Companion to do it for you. You stay dry during installation, no need to get into the freezing water. Adjusting the height of the dock is simple and can be adjusted while standing, no need to kneel and hunch over. Our Roll-In system is designed to prevent installation being a painful experience. You won’t spend the weekend installing your dock, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your water oasis.

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Roll In Boat Docks

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