Post Sectional Docks

Affordable Luxury

Aluminum & Maintenance Free Sectional Boat DocksHave the luxury of V-Dock’s maintenance-free Poly Deck and superior Aluminum V-Beam Frame at a price your wallet will like. A Post Sectional dock may be the best option for extremely steep or small shorelines. Basically, V-Dock’s Post Sectional dock works like the old traditional docks. It can go in an assortment of directions and it needs to be put together in the water one section at a time, but that is where the similarities end. At V-Dock, we’ve made many break-through improvements to our Post Sectional boat docks. We’ve made them even more lightweight, beautiful, and easy to install.

“Easy on the Back”

post sectional dock scott & andyThanks to our Patented Break Away Post Brackets, posts can be installed and removed effortlessly from the side instead of lifting the dock off the post with an old fashion sleeve-type bracket.

Our Post Sectional Docks can also be upgraded with V-Dock’s exclusive Roll-n-Float System. The Roll-n-Float System allows the boat dock to be rolled to the water’s edge and floated into place by one person. All it takes is a short walk out on to the floating dock to install the posts and remove the float. This is an excellent solution for deep water, drop-offs, or mucky lake bottoms.

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Upgrade to a Roll-n-Float

roll n float animation small

Great for Mucky Lake Bottoms & Deep Water!

Posts Won’t Hit Your Boat

Quickly add an “L” Section
Hanger Brackets

Strong & Long Lasting
Patented Poly Deck

Save Your Back!
Posts Break Away From the Side

Increase Stability
Large Foot Pads or Mud Augers
Lightweight & Strong
Our Signature Aluminum V Frame


V-Dock Weight Chart

4′ X 8′
55 LB.s
50 LBS
105 LBS
4′ X 12′
70 LBS
75 LS
145 LBS
4′ X 16′
88 LBS
100 LBS
188 LBS
Weight chart
** Wheel kits and posts add additional weight. **
“Leave the decking on!”
One 4′ x 8′ section of V-Dock only weighs 105 pounds . . with the decking on!

Post Sectional Docks

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