When the weather is hot, there’s nothing like a weekend on the boat to cool down. Getting your boat to a new lake or river can be tricky – that’s why you need a roll-n-float dock from R D Manufacturing! Keep your weekend going with our “Weekend Saver” dock, 86 feet of portable dock that can be installed in 30 seconds. No more waiting to assemble many parts or being limited to certain areas. With a roll-in dock, you can enjoy boating just about anywhere.

Thanks to our unique V-Beam support and connecting pins, V-Dock’s roll-in docks have easy installation and excellent stability. Simply walk it into position or use a vehicle with a tow-bar to do it. You’ll stay dry when you add it to your shoreline too. With our leading-edge technology, all adjustments are simple and can be made from the top of the dock. You won’t spend the weekend putting in your dock. You’ll have time to enjoy it!

A Post Sectional Dock may be the best option for extremely steep or small shorelines or if you are dealing with a lot of muck. Enjoy the luxury of V-Dock’s maintenance-free Poly Deck and superior Aluminum V-Beam Frame. We’ve taken the guesswork out of more difficult access points. V-Dock’s post sectional dock works like a traditional dock. It can go in several different directions and needs to be put together in the water one section at a time, just like a traditional dock. This process can be made easier using our Roll-n-Float system. With our advanced dock solutions, however, we’ve made many break-through improvements. They are even more lightweight, beautiful, and easy to install. Competitive pricing makes these sturdy, easy-to-clean docks easy on the wallet, too.