V-Dock Instructions

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Dock Installation & Removal Instructions

Boat Dock Accessory Instructions


Specialty Instructions

Tips & Tricks for Installing Triple Wide Sundecks

The Arch Technique

This video explains by creating a temporary arch with a couple of straps, c-clamps and a 2×4 will help aid the triple wide sundeck rolling in straight keeping it straight when installing your roll in V-Dock. This technique will give you the ability to help steer your sundeck or keep it straight

The Post and Strap Technique

This video explains on how to move a dock that was accidently installed crooked by using the post technique without getting into the water.

The V-Dock Shore Wheel Companion

This shows one guy installing a huge V-Dock without any help. Note: a  strap was used to help aid the sundeck while removing the dock.


These instructions are used if your V-Dock shipped in a crate and unassembled