What to Know When Storing Your Boat for the Winter

boats put away for storage for the winter

Many boat owners leave their boats in the water over the winter. They winterize their boats and live in relatively mild weather conditions to allow this to happen. However, not everyone is so lucky. Some people, especially those living in colder conditions, have to store their boats for the winter. Here’s everything you need to… Read more »

Top 3 Benefits of a V-Dock in the Winter

As another winter rolls around, the often thankless task of winterizing the docks approaches. The aggravation of de-icing and sometimes having to pull the dock out before water freezes over is a household tradition for those who live near the water, but for many dock owners, those hours of struggling to prep your dock for… Read more »

How to Make a Boat Trip Safe for Children

A family with children enjoys a day out on the water

If you’re all about the nautical life, chances are you’ll want to get your children and young grandchildren involved as well. While taking the boat out for a spin makes for a good time, it’s important to be safe as well. This is especially true for children, who don’t have the skills and experience you… Read more »