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How to Make a Boat Trip Safe for Children

A family with children enjoys a day out on the water

If you’re all about the nautical life, chances are you’ll want to get your children and young grandchildren involved as well. While taking the boat out for a spin makes for a good time, it’s important to be safe as well. This is especially true for children, who don’t have the skills and experience you… Read more »

How to Light Your Dock

Dock Lighting

Having a properly lit dock is important for both safety and aesthetic reasons. But lighting your dock requires more than just placing a few lamps outside and calling it a day. Here we go through the best practices when it comes to lighting your dock: Safety If you have people walking along your dock at… Read more »

Life Jacket Size Guide: How to Find the Right Size for Your Life Jacket

Life jackets can make the difference between an accident and a tragedy. However, this is only true if you find the right-sized life jacket for you. Unlike some things, life jackets are not a one-size-fits-all item. You need to find one that fits you properly if you want it to work as it should. Here… Read more »

Winter Water Safety Tips

Winter Water Safety Tips

The temperatures may be starting to drop, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the water completely. Whether you’re going out for cold weather boating or some ice fishing, winter can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors. Nevertheless, winter is not summer. It is much colder, and you run the risk of… Read more »

Teaching Kids How to Be Safe Near the Water

Teaching Kids How to Be Safe Near the Water

For parents, nothing is more important than the health and safety of their children. It’s why teaching our kids how to be safe near the water should be a top priority to parents and guardians. Water can be extremely dangerous for children, especially those aged one through five. About one in five children who die… Read more »

How to Get into a Kayak from Your Dock

How to Get into a Kayak from Your Dock

There’s no day better spent then on a kayak, but getting onto that kayak can be a whole other story. Most of the tip-overs that happen on a kayak occur on or near the dock—much more than during any other part of the journey. Taking the time to learn the proper steps can keep you… Read more »

Tips for Safe Ice Fishing This Winter

winter lake fishing

Winter is a slow time of year for boat owners. The water’s frozen over and at this point, you’ve already prepared your boat for the harsh weather of the winter season. So with your vessel all covered up, it’s time to break out the ice fishing supplies. Before heading out on the lake, it’s important… Read more »

Watch for These Winter Boating Hazards

Watercraft in a Marina

If you are done using your boat for the season, keep in mind that it’s so important to fully winterize your boat to prevent damage that can be done by harsh and cold weather. There are a number of hazards that come along with improperly storing your boat for the winter season; don’t forget to… Read more »

Managing Boat in Rough Weather

Boating in Rough Weather

You’re bound to experience bad weather conditions at some point while boating, and in those instances, you’ll need to know how to prepare for the rough waters ahead. For starters, you should slow down when you are in rough waters so that you drive your boat up over waves rather than trying to run through… Read more »

Keeping Safe Within the Marina

Boat Marina Safety

You might be surprised to learn that many boating accidents occur mainly inside of a marina. We can’t stress how important it is to practice boat safety from the moment you step onto your boating dock. We have compiled some helpful tips for how you and your family can remain safe within the marina. Be… Read more »

Staying Safe in the Sun

Staying Safe in the Summer Sun

The spring and summer seasons are quickly approaching, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to board your boat and have some fun in the sun! But before you get out there and start soaking in the warm weather, there are a few safety concerns that must be kept in mind – not water… Read more »

Five Tips to Stay Safe on Your Dock

Now that summer is close, people across the country will be heading out to their lake houses or beach homes for some time on the water. Many waterfront homes have a dock that will be used as a place to jump in for some swimming or to park watercraft when not in use. Whether your… Read more »