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Best Reasons to Go Boating

Ways to Use Roll In Docks

If you ever find yourself feeling guilty about how often you go boating, you shouldn’t! Boating is an activity that comes with plenty of benefits, perfect for people of all ages, families included! We created a little bit of a list to highlight our top reasons that you should go boating! Take an Adventure Out… Read more »

Personalizing Your V-Dock

With summer in full swing and outdoor recreation at its most tempting, you’re no doubt enjoying your V-Dock—a versatile, long-lasting docking system perfect for your lakeside home. While V-Docks are attractive in and of themselves, you may want to customize its appearance a bit with some accessories, decorations and lights. Let’s take a look at… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Floating Wheels vs Standard Wheels

Floating Docks

To make the most of the recreational possibilities when you live on the water, you need a dock. It lets you secure your boat when it’s not in use. It’s the launch pad for waterskiing adventures and the perfect gateway to swimming fun. Choosing the right type of dock is a major decision, and selecting… Read more »

How to Get Into a Kayak from Your Dock

Kayaking is an incredibly satisfying experience, but there are few things more unfortunate than trying to kayak with feet wet from a shore entry, especially on a chilly day. Most of the tip-overs that happen occur on or near the dock—much more than during any other part of the journey. The easiest places to get… Read more »

Why You’ll Be Glad You Have a V-Dock This Winter

As another winter rolls around, the often thankless task of winterizing the docks approaches. The aggravation of de-icing and sometimes having to pull the dock out before water freezes over is a household tradition for those who live near the water, but for many dock owners, those hours of struggling to prep your dock for… Read more »

Tips and Tricks for Teaching Your Dog to Jump Off Your Dock (Safely!)

Dock jumping has been growing in popularity as a dog sport, and with good reason. Not only is it incredibly simple—just get your dog to jump off of a dock—but it’s laid back and fun for the dog and owners alike. There are organized dock jumping competitions springing up all over the world, and dog… Read more »

Lighting Your Dock for Fun and Safety

Dock Lighting

Having a properly lit dock is important for several reasons. If you regularly have people walking along your dock at night, they will need sufficient lighting to avoid a potentially serious accident. Your dock should also be visible to boats on the water, especially in the dark or on foggy days. It’s surprisingly easy to… Read more »