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How to Personalize Your Dock

young family sitting on a dock

A dock is more that just a place to tie up your boat. It can also be a great place for entertaining or relaxing all year long. But how do you make a dock that is truly yours? Here we discuss some ways you can personalize your dock so that it’s suited to your needs…. Read more »

How to Get Into a Kayak from Your Dock

young woman kayaking on lake

Kayaking is an incredibly satisfying experience, but there are few things more unfortunate than trying to kayak with feet wet from a shore entry, especially on a chilly day. Most tip-overs occur on or near the dock—much more than during any other part of the journey. The easiest places to get in and out of… Read more »

How to Tie the Different Types of Nautical Knots

Boat Knots

Knowing how to tie various nautical knots is essential to a safe and enjoyable sailing experience. Here are a few basic nautical knots, what they are useful for, and how they are tied. Overhand or Thumb Knot The overhand knot, also known as the thumb knot, is useful for keeping the end of a rope… Read more »

Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer

Preparing Your Boat for Summer

There are few things as exciting in the life of an avid boater as the first signs of summer. That is because summer means the lakes will soon thaw and it’s time to get your boat back in the drink and enjoy some time out on the water. While you probably went through an extensive… Read more »