How to Choose the Right Boat Cover

When you’re storing your boat away for the winter, you’ll need a boat cover to keep your boat safe from the elements. But what type of boat cover is best? Here, we provide some tips to help you narrow down on the possibilities.

Know the difference between storage covers and trailering covers

boat with blue cover

Storage covers fit loosely around your boat and are specifically to protect boats when they are anchored at a dock or stored on a trailer. Trailering covers, meanwhile, are wrapped tightly around your boat and are meant to protect them when traveling at high speeds (such as on a highway).

Find UV- and mildew-resistant fabric

Finding the right fabric is probably one of the most important parts of finding the right boat cover. You’ll need fabric that is both breathable and water-repellant. Additionally, they need to be UV- and mildew-resistant to ensure that your boat and your boat cover last as long as possible.

Consider custom boat covers

While you can get pre-made boat covers, custom boat covers are top tier. These boat covers are designed to fit your boat specifically. As such, you’ll never have to worry about the fit and they’ll last much longer. Nevertheless, custom boat covers are expensive, so there’s no shame in getting pre-made boat covers if that’s all you can afford at the time.

During the winter, you want to try your best to protect your boat. However, once spring comes, you can take off that boat cover and get back on the water. When you do, make sure you have a dock by V-Dock. Look through our products today to get started.

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