What to Know When Storing Your Boat for the Winter

Many boat owners leave their boats in the water over the winter. They winterize their boats and live in relatively mild weather conditions to allow this to happen. However, not everyone is so lucky. Some people, especially those living in colder conditions, have to store their boats for the winter. Here’s everything you need to know about doing so:

boats put away for storage for the winter

Dry vs. Indoor Boat Storage

When storing your boat, you will have one of two options: dry and indoor boat storage. Which one you choose will depend on your boat, your preferences, and your budget.

Dry boat storage is typically the most popular option due to its inexpensiveness. They’re also easy to find. Most marinas and boat yards offer dry boat storage for the winter.

Indoor boat storage, meanwhile, is more expensive but it does offer your boat greater protection from the elements. In these facilities, boats are stored on huge racks inside of a covered building. Unfortunately, these storage options can be harder to find in some areas.

Still plan on winterizing your boat

Some people think that because they’re storing their boat away for the season that they don’t have to winterize. This is a mistake. While you don’t have to be as extensive in winterizing as you would if you kept your boat out during the winter, there are still steps you need to take. Changing the oil and oil filter, removing valuables and electronics, and treating your remaining fuel with a stabilizer are all essential. This is especially the case if you’re storing your boat in a dry boat storage unit, as your boat will still be dealing with colder temperatures.

Cover your boat for winter storage

Most storage facilities will ask you to cover your boat for winter storage. A professional shrink-wrap job is usually the best way to cover your boat for the winter months. This way, your boat is well-protected even if it has to deal with colder weather at dry boat storage areas.

As your boat is tucked away safely over the winter, you may start thinking about the next boating season. Here at V-Dock, we offer a wide variety of docks to make your boating experience as exciting as possible. Contact us today to learn more!

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