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“Fine Tune Your V-Dock”

The great thing about installing your boat dock is knowing that the sun is back and you get to enjoy it all summer long. You’ll spend countless afternoons fishing, swimming, or just enjoying a refreshing glass of lemonade at the end of the dock. With all that time spent down by the shore, we here at V-Dock would suggest looking into purchasing a few boat dock accessories.

Dock Island
We would highly suggest investing in one of our new dock islands. It allows you to store your fishing rods and beverages in a handy corner table. What’s more, it has the ability to hold a trash bag so you can make sure your dock stays as clean as possible.

Solar Dock Lights
Interested in a little night swimming? Consider installing a few premium solar lights. They turn on at dusk and stay on for 6 hours and are highly affordable! We have an extensive variety of boat dock accessories and boat dock parts to choose from, so be sure to make the most out of it this summer!

Dock Bumpers
One of the boat dock parts that we feel is necessary for all boat owners to have would be the vertical bumpers. No matter how skilled you are behind the wheel of a boat, no one can control the flow of the water. If waves have you crashing into the dock, protect your watercraft from suffering dents or scratches with these easy to install bumpers.

All of our V-Dock products are of the highest quality while still managing not to break the bank. Browse our inventory and please call or contact us for pricing!

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