Roll In Floating Docks

An alternative to a Roll-In Dock when…
Water depth = 7 feet or more of water
Mucky lake bottoms = 1 foot or more of muck

Portable Aluminum Floating Docks

A Winning Combination With Our Patented Break Away Post Brackets!
Saves your back !

The “One-Person-Keep-Dry Dock System”

Post Sectional Dock System Installation typically takes two people to carry out sections, one at a time, into the freezing cold water. Holding up a section while setting the post is heavy back breaking work. Even with the lightest dock system. With the V-Dock Roll-n-Float System, a dock can easily be put in by one person without getting into the water. The floating barrels simply attach into the end of the dock section, roll across the shore, and float out into the water. Once the floating dock is in place, walk on top of the dock and install the posts. The Roll-n-Float floats hold the V-Dock section the appropriate height above the water for you. After the posts are securely in place, remove the floats and repeat with the next section. This is how you build a dock starting from the shore out into the water. The V-Dock Roll-n-Float System is the ideal solution for installing docks where the water too deep for a Roll-In dock system or there is a really mucky bottom.

Just 8 Quick and Easy Steps to Installation:

1.) Install Roll-n-Float System to V-Dock’s Post Sectional Dock.Step 1
2.) Roll a section to the shoreline.

Step 2
3.) Float the section into position.

Step 3
4.) Mount posts into the patented break-away brackets. Mucky bottoms are no problem !

Step 4
5.) Pull up on the handle to release floats and unhook chain.

Step 5
6.) Slide the lightweight floats out of the dock and carry them back to shore. Mount onto the next section.

Step 6
7.) Float next section into place.

Step 7
8.) Latch sections together – No bolts or nuts needed! Repeat steps 4 through 8 for more sections. To take out dock sections, simply reverse the steps !

Step 8

V-Dock Weight Chart

4′ X 8′
55 LB.s
50 LBS
105 LBS
4′ X 12′
70 LBS
75 LS
145 LBS
4′ X 16′
88 LBS
100 LBS
188 LBS
Weight chart
** Wheel kits and posts add additional weight. **
“Leave the decking on!”
One 4′ x 8′ section of V-Dock only weighs 105 pounds . . with the decking on!

Roll-n-Float Docks

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