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Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer

Preparing Your Boat for Summer

There are few things as exciting in the life of an avid boater as the first signs of summer. That is because summer means the lakes will soon thaw and it’s time to get your boat back in the drink and enjoy some time out on the water. While you probably went through an extensive… Read more »

Kick Off to Summer Photo Contest

Summer doesn’t officially start until the docks are out and ready to roll. Kick off summer with a brand new set of stairs for your V-Dock! Here’s how: Take a photo of your V-Dock email it to or share it on the V-Dock Facebook page. We are looking for creativity, beauty, and originality, but… Read more »

How to Get Into a Kayak from Your Dock

Kayaking is an incredibly satisfying experience, but there are few things more unfortunate than trying to kayak with feet wet from a shore entry, especially on a chilly day. Most of the tip-overs that happen occur on or near the dock—much more than during any other part of the journey. The easiest places to get… Read more »