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How to Dewinterize Your Boat

How to Dewinterize Your Boat

In the late fall, your main concern was winterizing your boat for the months to come. Now that winter is over with, it’s time to think about dewinterizing your boat. After all, the cold, winter months can be hard on our boats, even after winterizing them. You’ll want to do a few check-ups and test-runs,… Read more »

How to Tie the Different Types of Nautical Knots

Boat Knots

Knowing how to tie various nautical knots is essential to a safe and enjoyable sailing experience. Here are a few basic nautical knots, what they are useful for, and how they are tied. Overhand or Thumb Knot The overhand knot, also known as the thumb knot, is useful for keeping the end of a rope… Read more »