How to Dewinterize Your Boat

In the late fall, your main concern was winterizing your boat for the months to come. Now that winter is over with, it’s time to think about dewinterizing your boat. After all, the cold, winter months can be hard on our boats, even after winterizing them. You’ll want to do a few check-ups and test-runs, then, before you set your boat out on the waters.

Check the engine

How to Dewinterize Your Boat

Once you’ve taken the tarp off your boat, the first thing you’ll want to do is check your engine. Ideally, you should’ve changed the oil and flushed the engine with antifreeze before tucking your boat away for the winter. But you’ll still need to change the oil filter and add the right oil additive before setting off for the first time.

Check and refill the cooling system

With your engine out of the way, you can turn your attention to your cooling system. When winterizing your boat, you would have drained the cooling system. As such, it’s now time to fill it back up. Check the hoses for any cracks or holes, then refill the system with antifreeze.

Check your battery

Use a battery tester to check the amps and volts of your boat’s battery. This will ensure that your battery isn’t dead when you set off on your boat for the first time. You should also clean any corrosion from the battery terminals and top off any fluids as needed.

Check cables and hoses

No matter how well protected you kept your boat during the winter months, there is always a chance that some damage occurred. The cables and hoses in your boat are made of rubber, a material that is particularly susceptible to cold temperatures and sunlight. Always do a thorough inspection of all your cables and hoses before setting out onto the water.

Check out a full dewinterizing checklist for your boat and other vehicles here. And if you have further questions about your boats or docks, contact V-Dock today.

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