How to Personalize Your Dock

A dock is more that just a place to tie up your boat. It can also be a great place for entertaining or relaxing all year long. But how do you make a dock that is truly yours? Here we discuss some ways you can personalize your dock so that it’s suited to your needs.

Solar and Decorative Lightsyoung family sitting on a dock

If you love to do some night swimming or entertaining, then decorate your dock with lights! Solar lights charge up with the sun during the day and provide illumination at night when you need it for ambiance and safety. With lights that turn on at sunset and off at sunrise, you can rest assured you’re getting the most energy efficiency out of your lighting. You can also add strings of decorative lighting to highlight the edges and perimeters of your dock for a nice aesthetic.

Dock Islands

Imagine hanging out on your dock with a glass of lemonade or a cocktail in your hand as you soak up the sun and enjoy the day. Perhaps you’d like to do a little light fishing, too. Whatever the case, a dock island—comprised of a corner table with cup holders and maybe even a spot to hang a bag for trash—is the perfect choice for storing your fishing rods and resting your drinks.

Flags and Bunting

Ideal for special holidays and occasions like the Fourth of July, one way to give your dock a personal touch is hanging flags and bunting. Pick up a flag pole and holder that conveniently mounts to your dock, or dress up the sides with bunting for an extra festive look.

Chairs, Hammocks and Benches

For the ultimate in relaxation, add a standalone hammock, a comfy Adirondack chair, or a bench to truly enjoy your dock to the fullest. You can easily entertain on your dock with the right accessories. While you’re at it, install stairs with handrails for easy entrance to and exit from the water. You can even add an umbrella off to the side to provide shade.

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