How to Light Your Dock

dock brightly lit during the nightHaving a properly lit dock is important for both safety and aesthetic reasons. But lighting your dock requires more than just placing a few lamps outside and calling it a day. Here we go through the best practices when it comes to lighting your dock:


If you have people walking along your dock at night, they will need sufficient lighting to avoid an accident. Your dock should also be visible to boats on the water, especially in the dark or on foggy days.

Dock lighting requirements

The laws regarding dock lights vary from one state to the next. Nevertheless, the law usually states that all residential docks must be lit from sunset to sunrise. These lights should be highly visible from the water to assist passing and incoming boats, and they should be a reasonable distance from the shore to avoid being confused with the water’s edge. Overhead wiring is generally prohibited, so dock owners need to pay careful attention to how they provide electricity to their dock lights.


As important as lighting a boat dock is, you should also consider the appearance of your dock. A lot of people who have docks like to use them as gathering spots. As a result, a dock’s lighting should be appealing and provide a great atmosphere as well.

Designing your lighting

Dock lighting should be bright, so the best way to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere on your dock is by choosing attractive light fixtures. Many dock owners like to stick to a nautical theme and include things like lantern-style light fixtures and dock lights designed for the sea air. For lights that are closer to your home, consider pathway lighting that you would otherwise use for your yard.

If you’re looking to decorate your new dock from V-Dock, contact us today for more tips and tricks!

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