How to Make a Boat Trip Safe for Children

A family with children enjoys a day out on the water

If you’re all about the nautical life, chances are you’ll want to get your children and young grandchildren involved as well. While taking the boat out for a spin makes for a good time, it’s important to be safe as well. This is especially true for children, who don’t have the skills and experience you have. Here are some tips to keep children safe on a boat trip:

Have Enough Adults on Board

It’s prudent to have at least two adults on the boat if there are any number of children. This way, you have one person to drive the boat and one to keep an eye on the kids. If there are a greater number of children on the boat, it might be smart to have more than two adults present to keep track of everyone.

Remember the Life Jackets

There are life jackets for people of all ages and sizes, including infants, available these days. They should be placed on children as soon as you get near the water to ensure they’ll be safe if they fall off the dock or have a similar accident. They should be worn for the entirety of the boat ride. It’s not a bad idea to have extras handy in case kids want to invite their friends.

Be Prepared to Deal with Injuries

It’s important to have a first aid kit aboard a boat for when injuries occur. Children are more likely to get cuts, bumps and bruises and they can also be hurt by certain types of sea-dwelling creatures such as jellyfish. In the worst-case scenario, it’s also important to know how to perform CPR.

Teach Them How to Swim

No matter how much you’ve taught them about boat safety, children will be most confident when they know how to swim. It will help ensure that they do not fear the water. This skill can serve as a last defense if everything else has gone wrong.

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