How to Get into a Kayak from Your Dock

There’s no day better spent then on a kayak, but getting onto that kayak can be a whole other story. Most of the tip-overs that happen on a kayak occur on or near the dock—much more than during any other part of the journey. Taking the time to learn the proper steps can keep you dry and happy when you set off for your next kayaking trip.

Setting up your kayak

How to Get into a Kayak from Your Dock

Since docks are higher from the water’s surface, it will be more difficult to get in and out of your boat. As such, make sure to use the lowest point of the dock. From here, slide your kayak into the water and position it so that it is parallel to the dock. If your kayak was already tied up, now is the easiest time to untie it.

Sit down beside the seat

You can now begin to enter the boat. Start by sitting down on the dock beside the seat. Make sure that you place your paddle within a short distance, so that you can easily grab it once you are seated in the kayak.

Place your feet in the cockpit

While remaining seated, place your feet inside the cockpit as close to the center as possible. Once you are ready to enter, turn your body towards the bow of the boat, making sure your hands are still holding a strong grip on the edge of the dock.

Shift your weight towards your feet

Finally, shift your body weight onto your feet, trying to keep your weight in the center of the boat to avoid tipping. Lower yourself onto the seat as gracefully yet confidently as possible. Adjust your feet so that they are comfortable and in position below deck. Next, adjust your foot pegs and grab your paddle. Now you are ready to gently push away from the dock!

Getting out onto the dock

Now that you are ready to return to land, the most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid reaching out for the dock straight away. If you rely on your arms to pull yourself in, you run the risk of tipping yourself over. Instead of rushing it and potentially getting drenched (and embarrassed), only grab the dock after you have worked your way over to it. To pull yourself out, start by putting your paddle back on the dock so that both hands are free. Pull the leg furthest from the dock out and up, and bring yourself up, over, and onto the dock.

Now that you know how to safely get in and out of your kayak from your dock, it’s time to make sure that you have the right dock to fit your needs. At V-Dock, we have plenty of docks that are great for kayaking. Look through our inventory to get started today!

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