3 Ways to Use Your Roll In Dock Other than Boating

A roll in dock is exactly what it sounds like: a type of dock made for the water that you can literally “roll in” to whatever location you’d like, be it a river, a lake, or even an ocean’s coastline. Roll in docks are stable, adjustable, and easy to install. While typically used for boating, this type of dock serves a variety of functions. Read on for how you can use your roll in dock to its full potential.

Waterside WeddingsYoung friends sitting on a dock toasting beers

A lot of people dream of a waterside wedding. Why not make it happen—minus the expensive venue costs—with a roll in dock? Have a picturesque waterside location in mind? You can claim that spot and create the perfect area for the ceremony and reception alike. Set up the beach with chairs for guests, use the length of the dock for the bridal walk, and perform the ceremony right over the water. Because these docks also have the ability to expand or have sections added (such as L-shapes), picking the proper size for your wedding is no problem. Whatever you envision, this dock can make it happen.

A Fisherman’s Dream

Nothing beats a relaxing day fishing by the lake, river, or coast. With a roll in dock, you can fish virtually anywhere. Forget about searching for the perfect place to set up your folding chair and cooler. With a roll in dock, you’re set for the whole day, month, or even year.

Hot Summer Days, Long Summer Nights

Summer is a time for lying out in the sun, swimming in the lake, and enjoying the season’s array of evening parties. In addition to tanning and using it as a diving board, why not be the host of one of summer’s most memorable get-togethers? Choose a roll in dock of appropriate size, set up some night lights or a beach bonfire, and get ready to party. Add some music, and your guests will be impressed with your creativity and inventiveness.

In addition to a night party, considering using the dock for day events, lunching, parties, too. A roll in dock is a perfect place to have lunch, or a classy twist on afternoon tea. Simply set up a beach umbrella, a table and chairs, and host a lunch of salads, sandwiches, and tea. If your kid has been begging for a beach birthday party, use the roll-in dock to provide the luxuries and stability that sand can’t.

Remember, roll in docks are accessible at any time and can be installed nearly anywhere. Need a weekend saver idea? Consider a roll in dock to creating long lasting memories and loads of fun.

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