How to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane

Dark Clouds Looming Over Calm WaterMany devastating hurricanes have left a lasting impression on waterfronts, and while those storms are inevitable, there are ways to prepare boats and docks to ensure boat safety.

Luckily, there are many simple tricks that can help you prepare your boat and dock for a pending hurricane.

Short Pilings

Shorter pilings on a floating dock prove to be one reason that boats do not survive a hurricane.  While marinas are known to be one of the safest places for your boat, you need to be sure the pilings are tall so they accommodate massive surges. If your boat has a short piling, consider removing it from the water or transferring it to a more sheltered location.

Take it Ashore

Instances where the seawall is low laying or there are spits of land, it is critical to move your boat to a safer location such as a hurricane hole or take it ashore.  These conditions make boats especially vulnerable to surges since they will typically rise above the wall.  For anticipated high surges, storing boats ashore is the best solution in preparation of a storm.  The higher you can station you boat the better chance you have for protecting it.

Dock Lines

Securing how tight the dock lines should be can be tricky in the face of a storm.  If you allow for too much slack, your boat will crash against the pilings. If the slack is too tight, there will not be enough room left for your boat to rise above the surge. Meanwhile, nylon lines will help to stretch and relieve tension, but often snap in hurricane conditions.  Fortunately, there are devices available in addition to lines which help regulate a boat within a surge.

There are many tricks when it comes to securing your boat for a hurricane but not all of them are obvious. You should start to prepare at the first indication of a storm to give yourself enough time.

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