Dock Fishing 101

Dock fishing—it looks easy right? Well, not quite. While dock fishing certainly is a leisurely activity, there’s an art to it, and in order to get the best fish, you need to have the right techniques. Here we go over everything you need to know about dock fishing so that you can reel in the best catch possible.

The types of fishDock Fishing 101

Plenty of fish like to hang around docks. They mainly use it for coverage, protection, or a place to find food. As a result, docks attract a number of different kinds of fish, although the ones you’ll see the most of are bass (largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, to be precise). However, you’ll also find panfish and walleye, though they’re a bit rarer. Panfish will be plentiful in the spring months after the ice melts, while walleye can occasionally be found in the summertime.

Where to fish

While it’s easy to just plop yourself down anywhere on the dock and call it a day, this isn’t the most effective strategy. Instead, start around the dock’s wooden legs or the vegetation that surrounds the dock, as these are prime areas for fish to gather. You can do this from the dock itself, or the boat, just keep in mind that if you’re standing on the dock not to move around too much. The vibrations from the dock can scare away the fish.

The baits and lures

There are tons of different options when it comes to baits and lures; it really all depends on your expertise and what your fishing. If you’re unsure on how to start, though, one good strategy is to use a spinnerbait, starting past the dock and working your way back towards it. However, you can use something as simple as some worm and still get some bites.

We’ve covered the basics, but when it comes to fishing, you learn best by doing. Just make sure you have the proper dock ready for when you go out dock fishing. At V-Dock, you can choose a dock style that fits your needs. Take a look at our selections or give us a call at 1-888-888-DOCK to learn more.

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