Five Ways Your Spring Setup Is Faster with V-Dock

Spring is just around the corner! While we are eagerly awaiting sunshine, flowers and birds chirping, there are a lot of chores to be done to set up everything we stowed away for winter. If you live near the water, dock maintenance can be a laboring springtime chore, but it doesn’t have to be. V-Dock’s three different styles of docks offer a great range of benefits in addition to requiring very little upkeep or maintenance. Let’s make some comparisons of V-Docks and traditional docks to see how you can make dock ownership easier and shorten your springtime to-do list.

Dock Setup Checking Framework Welds

With a traditional dock, you should check over welds on the frame whenever your dock is out of the water. Waves can expose the dock to a lot of motion – not to mention potentially expose the metal welds to corrosion or rust – all of which can stress or ruin welds. This means that you’ll have to make repairs, often using a portable welder. This isn’t even an issue with V-Docks as the frames of our docks are weld-free, meaning worrying about worn or broken welds is something you will never have to worry about.

Tire Maintenance

Traditional docks will often roll in on pneumatic tires, which need to be checked each year for signs of going flat. V-Docks don’t have that problem, as the tires on our docks never go flat and require virtually no maintenance.

Staining Your Dock

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun, wind – the elements are brutal on dock decking, which is why you’re probably used to restaining and sealing your dock every few years. This is never a fun process – sanding down the dock to strip away old stain and seal and recoating the surface to protect it from the elements for a few more years. What if you never had to do that again? V-Docks are made of a patented Poly-Deck™ material that is solidly colored the whole way through, meaning you’ll never had to worry about splinters or fading. Plus, all decking is backed with a 15-year warranty, so you can be sure that you can enjoy your dock worry-free.

Replacing Rotten Planks

Rotten or warped planks must be replaced at the start of each season so that no one accidentally trips or falls through a soft board. This happens to all wood, especially when it is kept so close to the water. Fortunately, V-Docks’ Poly-Deck™ isn’t wood, which means you’ll never have to worry about rotting or warped planks. Plus, every plank is designed to facilitate water draining, so water runs right out instead of soaking into the planks.

Repairing Steps and Rungs

It is very important to reinforce the steps and ladder rungs on a traditional dock. These elements are immersed in water, meaning that they can wear out much faster. V-Dock steps and ladders have no bolts and require no drilling, so there are no connections to worry about wearing out. Plus, made from the same durable materials as our docks, you won’t have any concerns about wear with these add-ons either.

With so many benefits and long-lasting construction, you can save time and money by investing in a V-Dock system. Spend more of your time enjoying the water instead of maintaining your dock. Shop our different dock styles online now or call us today at 888-888-DOCK to learn more about purchasing a maintenance-free V-Dock.

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