Hanger Brackets Make Easy Even Easier!

Hangar Brackets Whether you are going boating, swimming or you just want a nice place to sit out on the water, it is always much easier and a lot more fun when you have a robust and sturdy dock in the equation. There are lots of different types of docks out there, but none offer the ease of installation and adaptability of the V-Dock series of docks.

When it comes to easy, it doesn’t get much easier than V-Dock. Offering a simple and straightforward docking solution and an even simpler way to construct it, you can’t go wrong with a V-Dock equipped with hanger brackets.

How They Work

The beauty of the V-Dock’s hanger brackets is that you don’t have to be a master carpenter with a million tools to set them up. All you have to do is drop the brackets into the “V”-beam and lock the sections together. It could not be easier!

If you are not satisfied with your dock, you can simply unhook the pieces and reconfigure them to your needs. There is no need to spend all day building your dock because you just set it and forget it. Plus, with V-Dock’s floating system, you don’t have to get in the water and bolt the pieces together – your whole installation can be handled from the surface.

With this simple setup, the hanger brackets make the already easy installation of your V-Dock that much easier!

Design It Any Way You Want

Once you have bought the components you need, the act of creating your dream dock is a snap. Because the brackets are so easy to use, you can configure the deck in any way that you choose.

Need to set up the dock with an extra length to accommodate a larger boat? No problem! Want a few side sections, off-shooting from the central dock? You can do that too. The hanger brackets make connecting different sections incredibly fast and simple, meaning that arranging the dock in any configuration you need is a breeze.

All of our amazing V-Dock products are very functional and so easy to setup, especially with the hanger brackets. They require very little maintenance and you can order whatever sections you need to create a dock that meets your personal specifications. If you are interested in learning more about V-Dock’s stellar products, give us a call at 888-888-DOCK today.

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