How to Dress for an Ice Fishing Trip

Ice Fisher at Sunset Patiently WaitingHere at V-Dock, we believe that being out on the water can be year-round fun. Although certain weather elements can result in rough waters, cold weather can occasionally often unique boating and fishing opportunities. Especially around this time of the year, ice fishing trips are a common activity amongst those who love being out on the water.

Ice fishing is different than your average fishing outing of course and demands a different approach to how you dress out on the water.

V-Dock has compiled an ‘Ice Fishing Trip Dress Code’ to help you dress better for your next ice fishing trip:

Prioritize Layers

The most important thing to know with ice fishing is that you’ll be out on the water for hours at a time in cold, typically freezing, conditions. It is not a quick stroll with some gloves and hat on, but rather, an expedition that demands the right attire which means layers are a priority.

It’s worth putting together an outfit that has several layers including long john’s, heavy jeans, undershirts, long sleeves, sweaters, etc. You get the idea. Make sure you’re always bundled up; that way, you’ll prevent the cold from getting in early and often.

Heat the Feet

Anyone who’s been out in the cold knows the unspoken rule: once your feet get cold, it’s all over. A chill in your shoes will stay with you all day and can ruin an ice fishing trip before it even starts so you’ll want to take this tip seriously.

First off: make sure you’re stocked with wool socks rather than cotton. Next: invest in a sock liner, if you can. And finally, you’re going to want boots that are completely insulated, and water-proof. Test them out before you hit the ice, just to make sure they’re the real deal. You’ll be happy you did—believe us.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready for a day out on the ice, no problem. As we anxiously wait for warmer weather, consider purchasing a V-Dock roll in, post sectional, or roll-n-float dock system to make every boating experience this summer the best one yet. Contact us today to get started!

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