How to Keep Warm on a Boat

Just because the temperatures are starting to dip doesn’t mean you have to put away the boat just yet. You can still enjoy being out on the water even if the weather has gotten a bit chilly. You just need to make the proper preparations for your boat and for you as well. Here we discuss how to keep warm while you’re out on your boat during the colder months.

Dress accordingly

woman keeping warm on a boat

You must always dress for the weather, and this is especially true on a boat. The wind will feel colder and harsher on the water, so you’ll need to add a few extra layers than you normally wear. Start with a wind- and water-proof jacket, and then add in a sweater, hat, gloves, and a scarf. Jeans will not keep you warm, so use synthetic, waterproof pants instead. If you find those aren’t enough to keep the chill out, you can add leggings underneath. Finally, bring a pair of water-proof boots with you as well.

Bring a heater

Even if you’ve layered up, you may want the extra warmth that a heater provides. Electric, reverse cycle, or gravity-fed diesel heaters will all do. Just make sure you get a kind that will turn off if it ever tips over in order to prevent a fire. If you plant to use a diesel heater, keep an eye on your fuel levels if you’re heading out for a long time.

Bring blankets

Blankets and throws can make you cozy and comfortable on your boat. Plus, it’s a perfect way to cuddle up if you’re out for a romantic evening.

Get cooking

If you’re able to cook on your boat, then do so. Cooking will not only heat up the area around you, but it will also provide a warm, delightful snack.

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