How to Properly Light Your Dock

A part of owning a dock is having people to enjoy it with you. To do so, however, you must have the proper lighting to avoid any serious accidents. Not only should you have lighting for those who are currently on your dock, but you should also have it for boats that are pulling up at night or in foggy conditions. It’s surprisingly easy to lose control of a boat and accidentally smash into a dock that you didn’t know was there, so bright lighting is a must.

Dock lighting requirements

How to Properly Light Your Dock

The laws regarding dock lights vary from one state to the next, but the majority of laws argue that all residential docks have to be lit from sunset to sunrise. These lights should be highly visible from the water to assist passing and incoming boats, and they should be a reasonable distance from the shore to avoid being confused with the water’s edge. Overhead wiring is generally prohibited, so dock owners need to pay careful attention to how they provide electricity to their dock lights.

Use brighter lights along the dock

Practically speaking, a dock’s lighting should allow it to be highly visible at night. Brighter lights are ideal, and colored lights should be kept to a minimum, as they can be more difficult to see in certain situations. Lighting a long dock as if it were a footpath is also a good idea for the benefit of those who might walk along it in the dark or on foggy days. Swimming platforms extending from your dock should also be well-lit.

Aesthetic appeal

Dock lighting should be relatively bright, so the best way to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere on your dock is by choosing attractive light fixtures. The kinds of fixtures that you can use depend on the look that you want to create, but many dock owners like to stick to a nautical theme and include things like lantern-style light fixtures and dock lights designed for the sea air. For lights that are closer to your home, consider something closer to the kind of pathway lighting that you would use for your yard. If you use your dock as a place where you can hang out with guests, try to make it as inviting as you can.

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