Prepping Your Dock for Bad Storms

Your dock provides endless hours of fun in the summer but now that the winter months are approaching, you have to protect it till next year. With fall comes the risk of hurricanes and intense rain, while winter brings snow and ice. If your boat is docked at an ocean marina, you have to contend with big waves and choppy waters. Preparing your boat for bad storms is a must, so check out these tips on how to go about that.

Traditional Docks

If you own a traditional dock, you likely dread the hours of winter prep required. However, neglecting maintenance on your dock can lead to damage and unnecessary repairs down the road. Come spring, you want to be able to use the dock without any unforeseen problems.

Clean thoroughly

To get your dock ready for bad storms, clean it thoroughly to get any dirt and debris off from the summer. Perform a complete inspection both on top of and under the dock and be on the lookout for any obvious signs of wear and tear. Have them repaired by a professional or do them yourself depending on your ability level. Take off any accessories that you may have used in the warmer weather, such as ladders, and stow them safely away.

Check your hinges, pins, and cables

Ensure hinges, pins. and cables that connect your dock to seawalls or piers have the proper flexibility to fluctuate with the water levels, says The Lake Today. Consider lengthening any cables you may have to allow for a drop into the lake if the levels decline. Having the right amount of “give” in your dock will allow it to work WITH waves rather than come under attack by them as a stationary entity.

Use de-icer

Use some de-icer to protect your dock from ice, snow, hail and freezing rain damage. Not only will this protect your dock from the steady increments of ice buildup during a storm but also large sheets and blocks of ice that may accumulate. To protect from the damaging effects of high winds, tie down your dock where appropriate and make sure all boards are secured.

Lastly ask your friends and neighbors to keep an eye on your dock when you’ll be away, especially if a bad storm is forecast for the area.


Thanks to V-Dock’s portable docking systems, if you own one of these innovative models, you can get your dock in and out of the water in no time flat. In fact, it takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. With poly decking that’s UV and crack resistant, you get an anti-slip surface that doesn’t need to be cleaned or prepped for a winter in the water. Instead, you simply roll your dock out of the water, and there are several models available for various types of water. What works for those in ocean settings may not be the right fit for those in lake settings.

Maybe it’s time for a no-stress dock solution, so you never have to worry about prepping your dock for bad storms again! Contact V-Dock today at 1-888-888-DOCK to learn more!

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