Roll-n-Float: Perfect for Deep Muck, Deep Water

Perfect for deep coastal water depths or mucky lake bottoms, the Roll-n-Float dock is a simple to install and easy to maintain home dock option that may just be the perfect fit for your summer home or camp. As an excellent alternative to a standard Roll-In Dock, the Roll-n-Float is a convenient docking option that couldn’t be simpler to use.

Installation of a Roll-n-Float dock is a snap! In contrast to sectional docks that anchor to posts and take at least two people to install, the Roll-n-Float dock can easily be installed alone by building from the shore out. This dock is a simple solution that takes out the stress and the need for someone to get into deep or mucky waters. All you have to do is roll the dock across the shore then let it float out onto the water. Then you can simply move along the floating dock, pushing the Roll-n-Float until you have it in place.

Once your dock is in position, all you have to do is go along the length of the dock and install the posts to each section while removing the floats. Repeat this process with each additional section of the modular dock until your deck is completely set in place.

The ease of installation is why these docks are so ideal for deep water or lakes with a thick, mucky bottom. Why be uncomfortable while struggling in freezing cold water or risk causing yourself harm by tripping in thick muck if you don’t need to? After all, the point of having the dock is to be above it, not below!

There are many different layouts to choose from as well. Depending on your preference, your ease of access to the water, and the time you have for installation, there are deck layouts and additional component sections that will allow you to design the perfect deck for your property. For your most basic dock, choose from several straight configurations, or if you are planning to park a few watercraft, you might consider a boat slip configuration. We also have L configurations and sectional options that give you versatility to design your deck to meet your needs.

At V-Dock, we have many different dock design and construction options that will suit any situation, boat size or desired deck feature. Give us a call at 651-464-3902 to chat with one of our experts today about the Roll-n-Float dock design that’s right for you.

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