The Top 3 Winter Boating Tips

When winter rears its ugly head, many of us store our boats away for the season. However, winter is still a great opportunity to go boating. So long as you properly winterize your boat and prepare yourself for the colder temperatures, you can enjoy boating during the winter season. Below we discuss the top three winter boating tips to ensure you have a great time.

Stay warm

The most important thing when it comes to winter boating is to stay warm. This means dressing accordingly and bringing along extra items if your clothing isn’t enough. We recommend dressing in layers, starting with a wind- and water-proof jacket and pants, and then adding on sweaters, gloves, hats, and more. You should also consider bringing along a heater and blanket for extra comfort. You can read more about staying warm on a boat here.

Watch out for ice

Ice will be your biggest enemy out on the water. However, you don’t just have to worry about ice on the water, but ice on your boat as well. Your decks and mooring can develop a layer of ice that could put you and your passengers in danger. So, before you depart, be sure to deice your boat and remove any icy patches.

Have things to do

During the warmer months, you can just sit back and enjoy the sun’s rays on your skin. Not so with winter boating. Staying active on your boat will not only keep you entertained, but it will also keep you warm. You can try fishing, cooking, and more.

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