Top 10 Vacation Lakes

There’s nothing better than vacationing on a lake. The quiet breeze and gentle lapping of the water is enough to calm just about anyone down. Some lakes are better than others for vacationing, but the one you ultimately choose is highly personal. Some people love busy lakes with lots of opportunities for water skiing and communal activities like campfires, while others prefer the quiet of solitude.

Here are the top 10 vacation lakes.

  1. Suttle Lake, Central Oregon: While Suttle is a popular destination, particularly for couples looking to live a little luxuriously for a few days, it’s never really crowded. This is a plus for those looking to get away from it all. What it DOES have is natural beauty, romance, and luxury.
  2. Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming: Earning top marks for National Park luxury, this lake reflects the Teton peaks better than any mirror, points out Fox News. This is reason alone to visit! Highlighted by a certain rustic elegance, you will enjoy staying in one of the restored historic cabins, eating five-course dinners, and taking rides on the bikes and horses, all included.
  3. Crescent Lake, Washington’s Olympic National Park: This second-deepest lake in all of Washington is, some say, even clearer than Tahoe. The science behind this points to the absence of nitrogen, which tends to cloud the water. You can rent canoes, rowboats, and kayaks, and go fishing for two species of trout you won’t find anywhere else.
  4. Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana: Known for its purity and beauty, this lake spans for 10 miles, characterized by dense forest that leads to smooth-as-glass water.
  5. Caddo Lake, Louisiana: The epitome of rural Louisiana, this lake is surrounded by Spanish moss indicative of Louisiana’s famous bayous. Total relaxation is the name of the game here, which you can achieve through fishing, hiking, biking, and lake tours. Check out the local wildlife while here, such as river otters, alligators, mink, owls, great blue herons, wood storks and eagles.
  6. Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona: Enjoy the blue-green waters of Lake Havasu located just beneath the Chemehuevi Mountains in California. This is a man-made lake created back in the 1930s when officials dammed the Colorado River. Today, choose from more than 40 campsites, personal watercraft rentals, walking trails, and fishing excursions.
  7. Lake Placid, New York: One of the most popular in the country, Lake Placid is nestled in Adirondack Park. You get big-city fun with a small-town feel, thanks to plenty of kayaking, birding, paddling, boating and hiking.
  8. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire: As the largest lake in the state, this Lakes Region gem stretches 21 miles long and up to nine miles wide in some spots. While it offers all the same outdoor pursuits in the water as other major lakes, it has the added benefit of opportunities to take a scenic sunset or dinner cruise aboard the MS Mount Washington.
  9. Lake Mead, Nevada: Less than 25 miles from Las Vegas, Lake Mead gives you stunning views of Hoover Dam and the Colorado River. This lake has the distinction of being the biggest largest man-made lake in the nation, providing a plethora of recreational opportunities, all in a desert setting. Choose from boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, or scuba diving. If you love to fish, you’ll find plenty of trout, catfish, and striped bass.
  10. Big Bear Lake, California: Green pines tower over the clear blue waters of Big Bear Lake, an ideal location for mountain biking at Snow Summit and paddleboarding on the water.

So now that you know the top 10 vacation lakes, which one will you choose?

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