Advantages of a Roll In Dock for Your Camp

Roll In Boat DocksAdding a dock to a body of water can be a great way to add enjoyment to your summer. Permanent docks, though, can be difficult to own and maintain, especially with needed upkeep, fixes and repairs that can take away valuable time in the outdoors. There is also the high cost of putting in one on your property if none exist.

That’s why V-Dock created a line of roll-in docks that can be set up and moved easily to fix that problem. Our roll-in docks offer you a solution that can easily be installed at the beginning of the season and removed once the weather gets cold.

In an enlightening installation video, two people can install an 86-foot dock in just 27 seconds. While your installation might not be that fast, it shows how easy it can be to use a roll-in dock on your property.

Roll-in docks are known for easy installation and excellent stability. To install, owners must walk the dock into position with a two-bar equipped vehicle. The docks come on wheels, so they can be moved easily from position to position, making them a very mobile option that’s easy to roll-in and roll-out of the water as needed or as the seasons change. You simply guide the dock into place and then make a number of small adjustments from the top of the dock, keeping dry the entire time.

Roll-in docks are called “weekend saviors,” because they give owners time back to enjoy the reason they wanted to install a dock in the first place. With summer coming, if you live near water and would like an easy solution for enjoying installing a dock, reach out to V-Dock and find out more.

V-Dock offers nine different configurations with different sizes of sun decks that allow owners to choose from a variety of options. If you want to use your dock for launching a boat, fishing or simply spending time with the kids, roll-in docks are an easily solution that can add lots of fun to your summer. To find out more about our roll-in docks and available configurations, call us today at 888-888-DOCK.

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