Choosing the Right Anchor for Your Boat

Boat Anchor on Wood TableWe all know that boats need the right anchor to function, but every boat is different as far as what anchor might be best. Certain anchors will work best specifically for your boat and your demands.

When choosing the right anchor for your boat, you should consider several different factors.

Here’s what to know when making that important decision:

Your Boat Size

First, let’s think about the boat’s size — because that’ll determine just what it is the boat can handle. For example, if you’re working with a smaller boat, like a tidewater, than a grapnel anchor may be your best bet. It’ll hook onto water bottoms that are a bit rougher, and more rocky, thanks to its structure. Thankfully, it’s relatively affordable, and easy to store with smaller boats. A win-win!

Your Terrain

Another vital factor is the terrain you’ll be using said boat in. If it’s rough, then a grapnel anchor may be better, as mentioned. Meanwhile, for softer surfaces like grass, sand, or mud, the Plow / CQR / Wing / Delta anchor comes in handy, because it can fly through weeds. But due to its size, it’s recommended for bigger boats such as pontoons.

Your Water Type

Shoreline or coastline? Lake or ocean? All those questions are crucial when it comes to finding the right anchor. If you’re going out onto the ocean, then you may want to invest in a lightweight fluke anchor, which is able to really dig into the ocean bottom and hold your boat in place. But again, keep in mind that surface down below, which will determine the anchor’s size, and weight.

Considering these factors should help you find the right anchor for your boat.

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Rosie Beckett

I recently bought a boat that I plan to take out on Lake Michigan this coming summer with my children. One of the last things I need to find for my boat is a quality anchor, and I appreciate the tips you provide in this article! It makes sense that because I have a smaller boat, a grapnel anchor is a great option. Plus, it will easily hook to the rocky structure at the bottom of the lake that I will ride on.


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