Cleaning Your Boating Docks

Cleaning Your Boating DocksYour boating dock is used just as frequently as your boat is. Boating docks also need a bit of TLC as the boating season swings back into action.

An annual spring cleaning and inspection of your boating dock is a great way to ensure that it remains well-maintained.

Check Boards

You should be inspecting the entire structure for loose boards, nails, and bolts.  Any boards that are rotting, dried out, or have excessive splinters should be replaced. Highly corroded and rusted hardware, such as nails, screws, and bolts should be replaced as well. Loose nails and bolts need to be tightened and screwed down.

Scrub Well

Wood materials are prone to collecting mineral buildup, stains, and mildew, it’s important to give the dock a thorough cleaning by using an environmentally friendly dock cleaner. You can also make a solution right at home using a 3 to 1 mixture of olive oil to white vinegar. Baking soda is great for cleaning steel and aluminum attachments such as ladders. The type of solution you should use to clean your dock depends on what material your dock is made from.

Pressure Wash

If your dock can withstand it, pressure washing can help flush out and dissolve hard to remove stains and other build up. Power washing a dock should be done carefully. You have to consider the shape of the wand and pressure valve so that the integrity of the wood is not compromised during the process.

Consider a Reseal

Once you have inspected and cleaned your boating dock, you might want to reseal it as a preventative measure to protect the surfaces from outdoor detriments. Look for a sealer that contains ingredients that actively ward off mildew. Furthermore, it’s crucial to use a sealer that will not harm your lake’s ecosystem.

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