Get Your Dock Fast With Our Shipping Options

When any of us orders anything, we want to make sure it gets to us as soon as possible. We know that feeling and that’s why at V-Dock we offer three different shipping options to get you your new portable dock quickly.

V-Dock Roll-In DockFactory Pick Up

What quicker way to get what you ordered than to just go and get it yourself? About 70 percent of our customers come to us and pick up their dock once after purchase. When you choose to pick it up, we will assemble the dock for you so it’s all set to go once you arrive. We also allow our customers to have free use of one of our lightweight trailers and will load the dock for you, fully secured with straps and ready to go. We also will give you a couple of days to get the dock from our facility to your destination, as well.

Delivery and Installation

Don’t have a proper vehicle to tow the trailer yourself? No problem! Our full delivery and installation option has got you covered. Just like the factory pick up option, your dock will be fully assembled and ready for use, but we will come to you. This option includes a $2.50 per mile delivery charge (one-way), and we provide delivery throughout Minnesota and the greater region. Our delivery team can also handle installation for you, as well, making this the perfect end-to-end solution for anyone looking for full-service installation.

Shipped Out of Minnesota

This option is best for anyone who lives outside of Minnesota. If your order from us totals more than $5,000, your dock will ship for free. All orders are custom crated, so you won’t have to worry about paying extra to get the item packaged. We’ll include step-by-step instructions to help make assembly and installation a snap, and as with all of our docks, you won’t have to do any drilling or serious construction to assemble your new dock. Free delivery covers shipping and handling costs up to $500, and if your order is shipping outside of Minnesota, you won’t be subject to Minnesota sales tax.

The full line of V-Dock portable and roll-in docks are sure to offer you a convenient and affordable way to add new docking space to your property. To learn more about our products or to order your own, call us today at 888-888-DOCK!

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