How to “Go Green” With Your Boat

How to “Go Green” With Your BoatBoating and spending a lot of time out on the water can be fun. But before you get into the habit of doing it in your boat on a regular basis, you should find ways to make sure you are taking the greenest approach possible. The last thing you want is for your bad boating habits to harm the environment. Check out a few green boating tips below.

Maintain your boat properly to reduce spills into the water

There are many boat owners who, unfortunately, don’t take the time to maintain their boats the way they should. As a result, their engines leak fuel and oil, and those things end up making their way into the water. If you are going to own a boat, you need to devote the necessary time to maintaining it. This means doing regular oil changes and inspecting your boat’s parts for signs of leaks. It will prevent you from adversely affecting the water and the surrounding areas.

Avoid spilling fuel into the water

You are going to need to add fuel to your boat pretty regularly. When you do, you should take your time while refueling and resist the urge to hurry through the process since it could lead to you spilling fuel. You don’t need to “top off” the fuel tank in a boat, and in fact, you should usually leave space in the tank for fuel expansion. This will help you steer clear of overfilling your tank and sending fuel into the water below.

Prevent trash from finding its way into the water

When you’re out on your boat, you are going to create waste. Rather than simply throwing it all over your boat and potentially having it fly off into the water, or worse, simply throwing it into the water yourself, you should have a dedicated trash receptacle that you can use and then bring back to shore with you. This will help you to make sure your trash ends up in a dumpster and not in the water where it could do irreparable harm to fish and other animals in and around the water.

In addition to following the green tips listed above, you should also dock your boat properly when you aren’t using it. V-Dock can help you with this by providing you with a range of docking options. Call us at 888-888-DOCK today to get your hands on one of our roll in docks!

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