How to Prepare Your Dock for Winter

As much as we hate to admit it, summer is over, and it’s time to start thinking about the colder months ahead. When the temperatures start to dip, many people only think about winterizing their boats, often overlooking their docks completely. Nevertheless, preparing your dock for winter is necessary if you want your dock to last you for more than a few years.

Remove or don’t remove?How to Prepare Your Dock for Winter

If you have a floating dock, you do have the option to remove your dock and bring it in storage for the winter. This is often the best option, as then your dock will be completely protected from the elements, especially ice. However, you don’t have to remove it. Just be sure to take the steps below to protect it during the winter.

Tie floating docks

If you decide not to bring your dock in for the winter, you should at least tie it down so that it stays put during the winter. You’ll want to anchor it to the shore in order for it to remain completely secure.

Waterproof your dock

Your dock should be waterproofed when you first receive it, but this can wear away with time. Fall is a good time to check for waterproofing before the cold, winter storms roll in. To check, splash some water on top of your dock and see if it repels the water. If there are areas that don’t, be sure to reseal your dock sometime before the winter months.

Prepare for ice

If you have a fixed dock, or if you’re choosing not to remove your floating dock, then you should prepare your dock for ice. The best way to do this is using bubblers, or deicers, to break up any ice surrounding the dock. If the height is adjustable, you should also lift the dock high enough so that it remains above any potential ice build-up that your bubbler can’t prevent.

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