Make Docking Easier with Safety Fold-Down Cleats

safety fold down cleats Despite having a great day out on the water in your boat, eventually you have to come in and dock it. When you come in, chances are you tie the boat to cleats located up and down the dock. These can prove to be an obstacle sometimes, however, and make getting around on the dock harder than it should be. To make things easier, V-Dock now offers safety fold-down cleats.

Like the name suggests, these cleats are able to fold up when you need them and down when not in use. For instance, when you’re taking off for the day, you unravel the ropes that are latched on to them and then fold them down. Doing this will make sure anyone else using the dock doesn’t run into them and whack their foot on them. With non-folding cleats, you might also trip or catch a stray rope when trying to board your boat, so having the option to fold cleats down can save you some aggravation as well.

Docking a boat can be tricky, especially in rough weather or if you’re alone on the vessel. There can also be people running about the boat to people jumping off onto the dock to try and tie the boat to the dock. If you had fold down cleats on the dock, you can eliminate a potential tripping hazard for anyone on board trying to help get your boat tied up. With these cleats, you can navigate your boat into place, pop up the cleats and get tied up without anyone at risk of getting hurt.

These fold-down cleats can also be moved to accommodate your boat as well. They simple lock in place on our V-Dock system, meaning if you need to move from one side of the dock to the other or want to take them out when you’re away to deter others from using your dock, you can easily install and remove these cleats at any time. Moving your boat to the other side of the dock to be away from the wind? Pop the cleats out on one side the quickly lock them back into place on the other.

In addition to fold-down cleats, V-Dock offers a huge selection of boating accessories, including stairs, dock bumpers and more. If you would like more information on these products or would like to place an order your dock, call us today at 888-888-DOCK!

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