Shore Wheel Companion Makes Installing, Removing Docks a Breeze

Do you spend time at your place on the lake only part of the year, and want a solution for docking that can adapt to how much you need it? V-Dock is the perfect choice for you, and with our Shore Wheel Companion, you can roll your dock in and out when you need in seconds!

How Does It Work?

Shore Wheel CompanionThe Shore Wheel Companion connects to the V-Dock with an adjustable length tongue that stretches up to 10 feet in length. Begin by attaching the primary arm to your truck, tractor or four-wheeler. The latch can fit over any 2-inch ball or smaller (don’t forget to have your connecting pins in the loose setting!)  You will attach the other end with the two outstretched arms to the ramp holes of your V-Dock. Connecting the device is a one man job and can be done in less than 60 seconds.

Next, for installation, you’ll begin by safely and cautiously backing your vehicle toward the water. You will notice how fluidly your V-dock will slip into the lake, extending itself to its full length across the water. The dependable wheels can easily maneuver over any rocks or sand barrier that exists off shore.

To remove, simply connect in reverse. Attach the Shore Wheel Companion to the dock. Then slowly drive forward, pulling your V-Dock out of the water in tow with ease.

The Shore Wheel Companion is a Real Time Saver

This tool is a real time saver. With the Shore Wheel Companion, you can get to camp and quickly have your dock in the water in no time. In a hurry to pack up and head back home? Pull your dock back out in seconds and secure it on land while you’re away. With a V-Dock and the Shore Wheel Companion, it’s never been easier to manage your docking capabilities.

At V-Dock, we have patented dock styles that will fit your every need, with customizable options to create as little or as much space as you want in any configuration you’re looking for. Learn more by calling us at 888-888-DOCK today.

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