The Best Sailing Accessories to Have on Your Boat

When you first buy a boat, your main concern is to get the essentials. However, there are also many sailing accessories that can make your experience more enjoyable. Below is our list of the best sailing accessories that every person should have on their boat.

Life jackets

young people have fun on the yacht at sunset.

Safety should be your main concern when boating. As such, having life jackets on board is essential. You should have at least one for each person on your boat, ensuring that each fits correctly before you head off.

Handheld VHF radio

A handheld radio can help you contact people on land. This will be especially helpful if you plan to explore away from the shore and into areas where there is poor cell service. Before you leave for your trip, make sure the batteries are charged.

Medical kit

Even the most responsible boater can have an accident every now and then. A medical kit will ensure that you’re well-prepared no matter the situation.

Rigging knife

A rigging knife has a sharp blade that allows you to cut new sheets, a marlinspike to undo knots, and occasionally a shackle key to crank gears. All of these features are essential when you’re out boating.


Chances are you’ll be spending some nights on your boat. Having a headlamp will help you navigate your boat in these occasions. A headlamp that has a white and red light is the best for night vision.

Cleaning supplies

Things can get messy while you’re on your boat. Having some cleaning supplies on board will ensure your boat stays sparkly clean. Make sure you get supplies that are safe for the materials your boat is made out of.

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