V-Dock is Now Offering Annual Sale Items

32’ Tan V-Dock Roll in with a 8’ x 10’ SundeckSeasons come and go, but when they do, V-Dock has got the deals to get you from one season to the next. With fall officially upon us, we’re letting go of some of our summer items that have been refurbished, reframed, and are now ready to be reused.

V-Dock has a variety of fall clearance items that are well-worth checking out.

Here are just a few products to consider:

16’ Add on to an existing V-Dock

This 16’ add on to an existing V-Dock refurbished section is the perfect addition to any existing V-Dock and will cost you a fraction of what it does normally. And the best part? We’ll load up this addition onto your truck or trailer for free at R&D!

34’ Tan V-Dock Roll

Our 34’ Tan V-Dock Roll comes with a 12’ by 8’ Party Sundeck and Boat Slip, perfect for any get together out on the water. We guarantee that you won’t find a price this low anywhere around, which is why the time to buy is now!

54’ Tan V-Dock Roll

Our 54’ Tan V-Dock Roll comes with a 12’ by 8’ Party Sundeck and Boat Slip, but just the size is even greater. That means more people, and more good times. Again, prices are low right now, so time to get in before these sales disappear. Not to mention that the accessories are also 35 percent off. Get ready for summer today!

32’ Tan V-Dock Roll

Finally, our 32’ Tan V-Dock Roll is a mixture of the above: a bit smaller than the 34’ V-Dock roll, but with a smaller 8’ by 10’ party sundeck and boat slip. You can also upgrade to a set of screw drive shore wheels for only $406, plus tax. Now that’s a deal!

Don’t miss out on this fall clearance! You can score a serious bargain on off-season items that. Contact V-Dock today at 1-888-888-DOCK.




Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner but yes a 16′ section with wheels
(retail 2,424.00 discounted $2,064.00 plus preseason discount = $1,960.00)

Call to order

Rick Johnson


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