Winter Ice Fishing: Staying Safe on the Ice

Ice FishingIce fishing season is right around the corner and at V-Dock, we know how important it is to keep safety in mind while you are out there on the frozen water. We want you to have a blast this winter, and to do so without worry, follow some of these simple safety tips.

Mind Your Surroundings

Before you get out on the ice, assess the thickness and make sure that you are safe before you even get to fishing. As a rule of thumb, you want the ice to be at least 4 inches thick to be considered safe, says the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. If there is no one around to tell you how thick the ice is, use an ice auger or chisel to find out the thickness yourself.

Don’t forget to also be mindful of the snow load in the area. Snow may seem light and fluffy, but several inches spread across a frozen lake can add literally tons of weight on the ice, so it’s important to be mindful of that when venturing out on the water. Snow also is an insulator, which means that it could slow down the freezing process over parts of the body of water and result in thinner ice at different parts of the lake.

Bring Safety Tools

No matter how thick the ice is, there is always a small hint of danger that comes with standing over a body of water. To hedge your bets, bring some of these items along. First, a life preserver will be instrumental in the event that you fall through the ice. Wear it under your clothes if you are fashion conscious. Also, bring something sharp like an ice pick so if you fall through a hole, you can use it to try and pull yourself back out.

Dress Warmly

Having a few beers is a common part of fishing for many people, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t make you warmer – in fact, it can help you cool down faster. Staying warm comes down to dressing appropriately for the conditions. Wear multiple layers so that can you can remove clothing if you get too warm or add it back on if the temperature falls. You should also try to make your final layer of clothing both windproof and waterproof to help stay warm in the winter conditions.

Enjoy Fishing in All Seasons With a Roll-In Dock

Make your fishing adventures easy in all seasons with the simplicity and efficiency of a roll-in dock from V-Dock. Our docks are incredibly easy to install and remove, which means you can quickly and simply roll your dock into the water in the spring and pull it out before the ice sets so that you can take advantage of the water in any conditions.

Be safe on the ice this winter, and enjoy your fishing all year with V-Dock. Learn more about our innovative dock systems online now or call us at 888-888-DOCK to learn more.

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